My Favorite Two Chinese Old Sayings

I have two favorite Chinese old sayings. One of them is “Birds of a feather flock together” (物以类聚,人以群分), and the other one is “One takes the behavior of one’s company” (近朱者赤,近墨者黑). Actually I think these two old sayings should be taken as a combination because it will turn into a virtuous circle if you take them seriously and do all the good ones. Think about it, you first get along with your best friend who is brave, calm, careful and charming, etc., so you takes his attributes because you will be affected, then you will attract more friends whose personality is positive. I thinks this is the core of “networking” – to become better and then meet more good people, and the nature’s law will work – you get more useful information and opportunities.

UK visa

I got UK visa today. Our company applied for the Luxlive London light fair this year and we got a booth there. If you are going to visit the Luxlive London show in November please feel free to visit our booth, the booth number is T19.

We will bring some new products there, including our wall washers, brick lights, brick lights with marbling surface, and new products related to the new lighting concept “luminous building materials”, and after the show we will visit some prospect clients near London who are interested in our products.

Record while speaking – on learning English

Today I watched a video of learning English Improve your English the CRAZY way!!! by Ronnie on YouTube. All Ronnie’s video on learning English are very funny and I love watching her videos. Ronnie gives an advise on speaking English: talk to yourself but record it, so you can catch your mistakes and correct your pronunciation by listening to your own sound.

First I thought this is funny because I never tried this. I thought it would be easy and I was so confident at first. But when I start recording while speaking, I immediately found this is not easy at all.

What is “luminous building material”?

Before you read this post, please take a look at the photo below:

light tile with wooden pattern surface
light tile with wooden pattern surface

What do you think? Do you think it’s a board made of wood? Actually it’s a light tile made of tempered glass, see the tile when it’s lit:

light tile with wooden pattern surface - lit
light tile with wooden pattern surface – lit

Interesting, right? This light tile is one of the product series called “luminous building material” from Shone Lighting.

So what is “luminous building material”? You may guess from the name, luminous building material is a kind of building material that illuminates. That’s kind of correct but luminous building material means more than that.

What if you are running a trading company?

Sometimes in the afternoon, I get a little bit tired and feel lazy to work and I look at the right bottom corner of the computer screen frequently, where there shows the time, just want time goes faster so I can get out of the office. I think this happens to many people. I know this is wrong because firstly my boss pays me good money to find clients to expand the business, and secondly I have to work hard now for my own life in the future. I’ve been thinking about this problem and here is my solution and this really works, that is, stop thinking of working for your boss, but for yourself.

Thinking of working for yourself or someone else is so different.